What’s Wrong With Gmail?

OK, what on earth is going on with Gmail?

As I’m communicating mainly via emails to my respondents -the lags and frequent ‘oops.. the system was unable to perform your operation’ is driving me crazy! Arghhh!!!


Ayat-Ayat Cinta


After reading all the hype about this movie, which is actually based on a best-selling novel of the same title, I was intrigued by it (ironically I seem to catch more movies when I’m on my study leave!!).. Ok, confession: I watched on You Tube instead of the big screen but that was only because I didn’t have the intention to watch it at first. I just wanted to catch its trailer.. then one thing led to another and a couple of hours later I was smiling and almost misty-eyed at the same time. He he.. So what did I think of the film?

Well, for someone who has not read the book yet, I thought it was a great film. Of course, those purists (i.e. those who have read the book, like this person) will grind the movie as unworthy. But let’s talk about it from someone who sees it as a film and not a novel adaptation. To me, the duration of the movie (I think close to 2 hours?? Not sure as I was You Tubing) wasn’t that bad, I mean I’ve seen longer and slower films that make me yawn half a dozen times while watching them. It’s a love story, so obviously, no gun actions or special effects here. As for the actors, I think they did a pretty good job -no kayu acting or anything. And while the hero is not particularly good-looking (at least, to me), he has the aura that stands well for the Fahri character. I liked the way they arranged the scenes where he met and gotten to know his future wife, Aisha. No touching and no obvious dating, yet one can sense the attraction that these two felt while still faithfully observing the Islamic teachings.

OK, I’m not going to provide any spoilers (you can get that aplenty in other blogs) but suffice to say that this movie truly is “a beautifully portrayed Islamic love story”. It makes me wonder if I could ever have that strength as a wife under those horrid circumstances and whether I could truly uplift the spirit of Islam beyond that of my female emotions. Let’s face it, the movie does center around the concept of polygamy (one that is not liked by many women) but somehow, it makes the concept acceptable -all thanks to great storytelling (to this, I think we must all read the book as the movie may not utilize the dialogues as succinctly) and common sense.

Not that I’m opening my arms so wide for another ‘sister’ to join my household (not at all!) but faced with similar circumstances, it takes a true Muslimah, one that is strong emotionally (first), mentally and physically to abide by the Islamic law. It’s nice that the movie tries to reach out to non-Muslim viewers why certain things are acceptable and unacceptable in Islam so that they can judge with the proper information. And while most guys will think it’s easier to have more than one wife -hold your horses. Even someone as pious as Fahri does not want to, until forced by his wife (strange? You gotta see the movie). So until you can cater for your family financially, be fair and be equally religious (do you fully pray/fast/know what’s right and wrong?), just stick to one.

*sigh*.. Thinking of watching it properly -on the big screen with hubby. And of course, to read the book. (Hmm.. Can I squeeze this in between my ‘supposed’ readings?)